Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunday colour...

Two pots
a couple bags of Eucalyptus leaves collected on a ride with the little ones
a few of oak leaves in the bundles from my Ma's wonderful garden
milkymerino, habutai silk, cotton singlets
and one humble barbeque

All of these were in those two pots
The colour variations in nature never ever cease to amaze me.

As my Elijah says "you know God did a good job Mumma"..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some pics from The Muddi Boutique Markets from the Christmas market.

I had such a great day and really enjoyed meeting all the lovely people who visited my stall and loved the bush dyes and vintage fabric designs.

Was awesome to catch up with some beautiful old friends from art school and see what everyone else is creating, so inspiring...

I was next to my gorgeous friend Sarah Murray and her "Pie in the Sky" stall, so much colour, honey woollen birdie mobiles, stunning tea towel tops and general handmade goodness...

I will be heading back for the "Boutique Me" market on the 27th of February from 9am - 2pm so come along and see what i've been up to over the crazy Christmas hols...

Ive started a bit of a shop on too where i'll be listing things as i get to them.