Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunday colour...

Two pots
a couple bags of Eucalyptus leaves collected on a ride with the little ones
a few of oak leaves in the bundles from my Ma's wonderful garden
milkymerino, habutai silk, cotton singlets
and one humble barbeque

All of these were in those two pots
The colour variations in nature never ever cease to amaze me.

As my Elijah says "you know God did a good job Mumma"..


  1. lovely pix here...and thanks for swinging by and leaving that friendly and supportive comment

  2. These are so fantastic. Elijah is right. And I love the link you left on my blog. The dresses are gorgeous.

  3. Hi Jemima, can you please tell me where i can buy milkymerino?
    Thanks, Martine

  4. Hi Martine, sorry i only just saw that question as i was wading through tech land, it really is a bit over my head, i am too impatient for the real world..

    Hmmmn in answer to your question, Milkymerino isn't actually anywhere retail yet. I am just blessed to know the peeps behind it all...

    But i'll put a post up when it is available if that helps...