Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ease up on each other...

Sometimes we women are our own worst enemy... So easy getting caught up in rubbish and pride and ownership battles.

There is nothing new, what we create is a sum of so many different things we have absorbed, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unconsciously...

"Einstein didn't invent a new kind of math.
He did not need to credit other sources
because he took those existing ideas
and used them in a way nobody had before. " I saw this on grrl + dog

I say this as a lovely friend of mine has been attacked (with words not a knife!) with accusations of stealing ideas.... Not true and a little crazy and well also just sad.

Sad that we can't learn to celebrate each others art and different takes on similar themes, instead of trying to own things. So pointless, all it does is plant a bitter root inside you that grows ever stronger with every negative thought - until it consumes you completely...

So i say celebrate, live, love, learn, and encourage each other to grow stop trying to chop each other down...

In any case i invite you to celebrate some things my lovely friend creates and take a little peek at some new interpretations of old elements...

Please share this with other women, i reckon we all need a bit of reminding occasionally... Plus nothing makes you feel stronger than support...


  1. So true; that quote is perfect! No one person owns the idea of 'cushion', or 'bag', or 'dress'. Each person has their own unique way of putting things together. Let's celebrate each other's uniqueness. :) xx

  2. There was some issues with computers and not doing what they are toldishness si i am posting this on behalf of Miss Murray.

    "You're a beautiful person Mime,and a supportive friend.I love you and miss you...Sarahxo."

    Oh same same honey bunch - you inspire me :-)